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Synopsis: Dark Part of the Forest

3 female, 2 male

DARK PART OF THE FOREST tells the story of Joan who moves from the city to the country with her air traffic controller husband and their twelve year old daughter in search of peace and safety. Instead the move creates a growing sense of anxiety in Joan. When young girls begin to disappear, her anxieties are confirmed and the growing tension begins to tear apart the family.

Interweaving fairytales with Joan's memories of her own sexual coming of age in 1977, DARK PART OF THE FOREST follows Joan back through her fears until she can emerge transformed.

DARK PARK OF THE FOREST Independent Artist Project,
Hamburg Studio, City Theater, 2000

"Ryan has written no fairy tale... She can be grimmer than the Grimm Brothers but just as enigmatically entertaining"
-Peter Filichia, The Star Ledger

Premiere Stages Playwriting Festival, winner 2006

Theater Conspiracy,
finalist 2006


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