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Synopsis: PIG

5 women, 4 men  
It is the day before Labor Day, 1990, four months before the Gulf War and the Robinsons are having a barbecue. Jason, the prodigal son, who's been in the Navy since a violent confrontation with his father, is on his way home. Jason's family - his parents Jack and Irene, his sisters Jeanann, Maureen and Peggy, and Aunt Bernice and Uncle George - await his arrival as they drink, fight, joke, sing Girl Scouts songs, threaten each other with playing charades and otherwise stake out their territories .

Jason arrives with presents for his family from around the world, and a freshly killed pig in the garbage bag to roast, creating a stir at the party and forcing emotions to rise. After Santos, the next door neighbor, casts doubt as to what's really in the garbage bag, Jason takes his family hostage and forces them at gun point to play a life and death game of charades.
"The sins of a father are on display and wreaking havoc... in Tammy Ryan's taut drama PIG... the stage is set for an emotional explosion"
- Lawrence Van Gelder, The New York Times

PIG: 29th Street REP, 1996


(29th Street REP production selected to be video taped for Theater on Film and Tape Archives at Lincoln Center for the 1996-1997 Season in NYC)

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