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Since COVID-19 began, parenting has been an especially challenging experience. Many parents feel overwhelmed and isolated, struggling to make sense of their “new normal.” Fortunately, help is here with a new e-book titled Baby’s Blues – 5 Steps to Resilience and Wellbeing During Uncertain Times.

Written by Camilya Almon Levy and Eleonor Mosaddek, Baby’s Blues: 5 Steps to Resilience and Wellbeing During Uncertain Times provides practical guidance on how to cope during pandemics while focusing on the wellbeing of children, families and communities.

The book starts with a child-centered approach to reflect on incidents related to pandemics and help parents find better ways to manage stress daily. It combines traditional approaches like journaling and mindfulness with modern strategies such as distraction and acceptance. The authors also outline dynamic methods for communicating with children of all ages about the virus and its impact.

Included in the book is a “toolbox” of practical action steps parents can take to ensure their family’s resilience such as creating a COVID-19 family plan, establishing family rituals, immersing in nature, focusing on physical and mental wellbeing, connecting with peers via support groups, helping manage anxiety related to social media usage, learning about school re-opening safety plans and more.

At this trying time for parents, the Baby’s Blues e-book provides hope by giving them the right tools to manage stress and foster healthy relationships in their family. The book reminds us that it is still possible to create meaningful moments of joy even during difficult times such as a pandemic.

As one of the most popular rock and roll bands of the twentieth century, Baby’s Blues has long been a favorite among fans of the genre. Their infectious sound and unique style has made them a go-to for those looking for a good time. Now, fans of Baby’s Blues can enjoy their music even more with the release of their first book, Baby’s Blues – Publication – ebook.

This ebook is a collection of all the original music from Baby’s Blues albums released from 1993 to 2018 spanning over 25 years. Fans will be able to experience all their greatest hits like never before in this complete and comprehensive anthology.

The ebook features an introduction from band leader and founding musician Dicky Lovejoy which provides valuable insight into the origin of the band, its evolution into what we’ve come to know as Baby’s Blues, and exclusive details on their unique sound. The ebook also includes full lyrics and commentary on each track, as well as archival photos and informaton.

The digital format ensures fans will be able to access the content wherever they are – be it at home or on their phones – allowing them to delve deeper into the music that they know and love. Musicians too can gain inspiration from this compilation of tunes as they look to create their own music in the same vein.

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