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The latest release of the historical fiction series, ‘Gift of the Pirate Queen’, is out now! Written by renowned author Mary Quinn, this book has been highly anticipated by fans of the series.

‘Gift of the Pirate Queen’ follows the main character Anne O’Brien as she embarks on her quest to return home from Brazil after receiving a mysterious note from her father. Along the way, she runs into pirates and all manner of other seafaring adventures that together make up this thrilling tale.

The novel spans nineteenth-century Europe and South America in a time when ships plied the trade routes off the coast of Brazil in search of wealth and adventure. As Anne navigates dangerous waters, she discovers clues to her mother’s past – a past that holds the key to understanding her own true identity. With unique blend of history and compelling storytelling, Gift of the Pirate Queen is a delightful read for those looking for a romantic epic.

The eBook version is now available on all major platforms, including Kindle and Nook devices. If you’re looking to dive into a captivating adventure, be sure to check out ‘Gift of the Pirate Queen’ today!

Pirate Queen Publications is celebrating their recent release of Gift of the Pirate Queen – an ebook adventure novel taking readers on a journey in search of buried treasure.

Through an immersive, thrilling story, Gift of the Pirate Queen transports readers to the world of 16th century Caribbean piracy. Following the mysterious and historic story of Grace O’Malley, also known as Granuaile, the notorious Irish pirate queen of Connacht, readers will experience firsthand a voyage across a mystical and ancient sea, encountering danger and adventure at every turn.

For those looking to jump into this exciting story, they can do so with no commitment by downloading the ebook from Amazon and other online retailers. Featuring a variety of compelling characters and vivid imagery, Gift of the Pirate Queen promises an engrossing story that anyone can enjoy.

If you’re looking for a captivating adventure novel that will take you on an epic journey, then don’t miss out on Gift of the Pirate Queen – only available now as an ebook!

Avast, ye mateys! Get ready to set sail for a new reading adventure, because Gift of the Pirate Queen has been released in ebook form. This young adult novel tells an exciting coming-of-age story of Catarina, a young girl who discovers she is the sole heir of an infamous pirate queen.

Though set in the Caribbean in the 1700s, this classic swashbuckling tale of adventure holds up today as an inspiring story about a young woman learning the power of her identity and her place in history. Through Catarina’s narrative, author Nadia Browning offers thoughtful insight and wisdom to readers of all ages.

The ebook version features interactive features such as expertly-curated content specials, character spotlights and related media that help draw readers into the world even further. This enhanced version will be perfect for those on the go who want to invest deeply into a story that speaks to their own life journey. Plus, you can save it on any device and take your journey with you wherever you go!

If you’re like most avid readers, you already know that good entertainment never goes out of style. So why not indulge yourself in the excitement and mystery of Gift of the Pirate Queen? You can purchase the ebook now at your favorite online retailer or pick up a physical copy at your local bookstore. Just be sure to have your sails ready for the ride!

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