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Tammy Ryan is an author, educator, and artistic director with a career spanning more than two decades in the arts. She is a published playwright and author of numerous books and theater pieces that have been produced around the world.

As a leader in American theater education, Tammy has used her talents to produce and direct student-driven theater pieces that not only enrich communities but help kids learn important life lessons. Her plays have been performed on numerous television stations, at Disney resorts and on Broadway.

Tammy’s latest publication is a book of short stories entitled “Life Is Always an Adventure” which gives readers a glimpse into the lives of everyday people and how they handle love, loss and facing life’s ever-changing curveballs. Ryan explores topics ranging from homelessness, to racial strife, to dealing with your own inner demons while also finding strength in one’s core beliefs.

Through her writing and her work in theater education, Tammy continues to leave an indelible mark on the world that will inspire future generations of playwrights, authors and dramatists. Her books serve as a great resource for both teachers and students while also encouraging young people to explore their own thoughts and creativity through writing. As a teacher of 20 years myself, I highly commend this body of work for helping to create positive change through the power of art and expression.

Tammy Ryan is an acclaimed playwright, dramaturg, and teacher. Her plays have been produced around the world and she has received numerous awards for her work. Ryan’s plays often explore social issues such as racism, abuse, and oppression. She is passionate about examining how society constructs relationships and expectations of identity.

Ryan’s first book, “Momma Hated Dancing: Twelve Plays,” was published in 2004 by Theatre Communications Group. It was selected for the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and well received by critics.

The publication contains twelve works spanning multiple genres. The plays range from comedic to tragic, reflecting Ryan’s talent for capturing a wide range of human emotions. Her use of sly humor often surprises her audiences and evokes feelings of laughter and sorrow simultaneously.

Her works have continued to receive accolades in their productions both in the United States and internationally. Two of her most celebrated works are Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods and Still Life with Iris. Both are thoughtful examinations of modern family relationships, which appeal to many different types of audiences.

Ryan also writes extensively about new play development, devising theatrical production, and collaborating on new works through residencies with theatres such as PlayPenn and the Bay Area Playwrights Festival Lab. She teaches theatre courses at Emerson College in Boston, MA and is a resident artist with B Street Theater in Sacramento, CA.

Ultimately, Tammy Ryan has become a respected figure in the theatre world with an impressive body of work that continues to inspire new creators around the globe. Her publications have admirably captured her thematic interests: identity, strength, compassion, love, justice, injustice, family dynamics, oppression and empathy; demonstrating why it was so important for us to recognize her talent through this publication!

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